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Road Safety

Some of Ottawa's streets have been left in shambles over the years and while citizens bounce from pothole to pothole, it costs us all more money for vehicle maintenance and repairs as well. Graham would like to see newer technology such as infrared asphalt equipment utilised to maintain quality streets in our sometimes chaotic climate.

Over the years Ottawa has started seeing more and more roundabouts in place at intersections rather than stop signs or traffic signals. Roundabouts are an effective tool for traffic flow and pedestrian safety however the city of Ottawa has allowed planting of shrubs, trees and bushes within the centre of the roundabouts creating unsafe circumstances for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists alike. The city has failed to take into consideration that any tree or plant that grows in any height will obscure drivers' view within the roundabout after just a few years. When approaching a roundabout it is in everyone's best interest to see the vehicles within it.


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