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Policing and Public Safety

Ottawa Police Services are facing unprecedented internal and external challenges, many of which are rooted in the changing conditions in which police now operate. At the same time, significant new opportunities are emerging that can help police services to better adjust and ultimately prosper in the evolving safety and security landscape.

Graham believes that the appointment of a  Mental Health Officer of Ottawa is necessary. Graham’s plan recognizes that the police are not subject matter experts and looks to supplement OPS response with support from mental healthcare workers, addictions specialists, and other professionals to ensure the right action can be taken for that unique person in need. Graham would like to see Mental Health Professionals work directly with Patrol Officers while being overseen by the appointed Mental Health Officer of Ottawa.

Graham believes that the current force is under-staffed resulting in reactive strategies with limited effectiveness - Patrol Officers are responding to "calls for service" and not patrolling our streets preventing crimes before they happen. With the correct amount of new recruits added to the force, Ottawa could regain the title of "Safest City in Canada". Graham believes that when a police force the size of Ottawa Police starts dwindling it is a cause of concern in leadership within the organisation. Graham looks forward to working with a new incoming Chief of Police to get Ottawa Police back on track!

Graham intends to continue to be on the ground with Police gathering his own information for safety and first hand knowledge when situations unfold in an observatory role.

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