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Addiction / Overdoses

Graham has witnessed first hand the effects of addiction and overdoses on the city of Ottawa. He has attended to hundreds of deaths in Ottawa as a direct result of an overdose leaving no neighbourhood or age group untouched. The city is fighting an Opioid crisis that affects everyone’s families one way or the other, Graham is committed to working with city council to find suitable solutions and alternatives for every neighbourhood. The addiction and overdose crisis is a complicated issue -  each individual that has turned to addiction as a result of their unique experience . Personal traumas vary with every individual and therefore will not be solved in the same manner. A tailored approach is needed. Graham believes that the appointment of a Mental Health Officer will also assist with the addiction crisis as Mental Health and Addiction are a common combination. Graham will advocate for more effective services within the city to assist people struggling with addiction and families left behind as a result of an overdose.

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