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Graham takes the issues of the citizens of Ottawa to heart, he cares about you and your family. The following issues are high on the majority of residents complaints lists and he wants you to know where he stands on them all. 

Mental Health

The City of Ottawa is also experiencing a Mental Health crisis, two years of lockdowns and shuttering of businesses has been mentally exhausting on the citizens of Ottawa. (Read More)

Policing and Public Safety

For the past decade Graham has worked side by side with Ottawa Police on many scenes and in many instances.

(Read More)

Light Rail Transit ( LRT )

It’s no secret that Ottawa’s rail service has been a disaster since day one, and Ottawa’s commuters have been complaining about it from the outset.

(Read More)

Addiction / Overdoses

Addiction and fatal overdoses are plaguing our great city. Day after day someone is dying from overdoses in Ottawa, in most instances the death goes unnoticed to residents nearby. (Read More)

Development Projects ( Lansdowne, Ottawa Hospital, LeBreton Flats)

Ottawa is a beautiful city with a giant landscape, over the years the City has seemed to have lost it's way with development.

(Read More)


Homelessness has been growing rapidly in our city, despite the City of Ottawa adopting a 10-year housing and homelessness plan. (Read More)

Road Safety

Road Safety hits close to home for Graham, he's seen the effects first hand as to what causes deadly accidents on our streets and at our intersections. Road safety begins with every single one of us, vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists alike. 

(Read More)

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