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Graham MacDonald for Mayor 2022
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Over the past decade we've watched the city of Ottawa go from bad to worse, it has affected every major service provided to residents near and far along the way.

It's time for ACCOUNTABILITY on how the city does business, from transit to policing, roads and other infrastructure debacles the city has seen lately, it's time to get the city back on track!

  With the Covid-19 pandemic in the rear view mirror we all have to make an effort to get all our downtown businesses back to work and sustainable, Graham supports bringing workers back to the offices downtown. The small businesses in the core of downtown have suffered for years with no workers in the office buildings. It's time we come back together as a community, from the Skyscrapers to the hot dog vendors, it takes a village! 

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Graham MacDonald is running for Mayor of Ottawa, lets get our city back on track!

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